St. Joseph-Ogden's Class of 2025 Honor Roll

St. Joseph-Ogden High School Honor Roll St. Joseph -- At the end of October, St. Joseph-Ogden High School announced the first quarter Honor Roll and High Honor Roll recipients. Eighty-six students in the sophomore class achieved honor roll status.

To receive honor roll recognition at SJO, students must earn a grade point average of 3.25 or higher on a 4.0 scale. Students whose GPA soared above 3.74 are recognized as High Honor Roll students.

High Honor Roll

Rylie Barton
EJ Beckett
Audrey Benoit
Sul Bonny
Landon Brown
Preslee Christians
Madison Clampitt
Aerolyn Davenport
Lauren Dewese
Ella Dietiker
Luke Ditchfield
Jackson Ennis
Savanna Franzen
Kaiden Gaines
Tayton Gerdes
Olivia Getty
Richi Gomez
Mason Guido
Makennah Hamilton
Lauren Harris
Haley Hesterberg
Maebree Houston
Kendrick Johnson
Paige Johnson
Dylan Jones
Sara Kearney
Amilliya Kindle
Owen Knap
Aiden Krall
Madison Lankster
Logan Mills
Gabriel Mortlock
Grace Osterbur
Sonia Patel
Nathan Phillips
Haley Rudolph
Audrey Ruppel
Charles Schmitz
Tanner Siems
Kyler Swanson
Collin Thomey
Samantha Uden
Reese Wheatley
Charley Wright
Fiona Xiao

Honor Roll

Olivia Allinger
Jared Altenbaumer
Davin Alvarez
Dillon Bear
William Besson
Eli Birt
Miles Birt
Chaz Bowlin
Holden Brazelton
Landen Butts
Hayden Coffey
Joshua Courter
Jack Fisher
Lyla Frerichs
Addison Funk
Madelyn George
Joe Griebat
Brodie Harms
Tinley Ideus
Jeffrey Kuchenbrod
Abigail Lacey
Logan Lackey
Lillian Lanter
Kristian Lindsey
Gabriel Mata
Brenden Maury
Chayse Palmer
Logan Patton
Hailie Reifsteck
Sydney Reitmeier
Corbin Smith
Thea Smith
Coy Taylor
Carter Turner
Jackson Walsh
Isabelle Wiese
Madison Wolken
Ava Worley
Zoe Wright
Merial Yeager

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