Sentinel Summary | What you missed this week

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URBANA - Tajal Patel puts her soul into her rendition of a Flamenco ballad while performing with Brian Stark's Flamenco-Jazz Collective at Lincoln Square Mall on Saturday. The band gave a one-hour show during the Boneyard Festival and accompanied the University of Illinois La Fuerza Flamenca dance group, which performed two numbers and provided a free workshop.
Get off to a healthy start and keep your golf season injury-free

With warmer temperatures starting appear more frequently in central Illinois, it means with the arrival of Spring another golf season is upon us. And that has many golf enthusiasts racing off to area courses.

The bugs are on their way back, three ways to prepare for unwelcomed insects in your home

It is easy to believe that bugs simply disappear during the winter and colder months in the Midwest. The truth is that many bug species have evolved to survive all year long, sometimes hiding in the warm nooks and crannies in and around homes. Others go into a hibernation-like state.

Recipe | Bacon-wrapped chicken with goat cheese

This is a very easy dish to make and can be prepared in advance, wrapped in cling film and stored in the fridge ready to cook later. Delicious, serve this dish with crispy garlic and lemon roasted potatoes.

Seeds online; just because they're easy to buy doesn't mean they’re safe

Online shopping and e-commerce have opened new doors for gardening enthusiasts, offering unprecedented access to rare and exotic plants and seed products from around the world at the click of a button.

Learning the right moves, Flamenco workshop at Boneyard Festival draws local dancers

Alyssa Teijeiro-Ficht leads a Flamenco dance workshop at Lincoln Square Mall on Saturday during the Boneyard Arts Festival.