Unity Junior High 8th Grade Honor Roll announced

TOLONO - Last week, Unity Junior High School announced the names of eight-grade students who achieved honor roll and high honor roll status after the third quarter. Congratulations to the students who earned the requisite grade point average to celebrate the honor.

High Honor Roll

Cameron Pierre Barnes
Patrick Benjamin Baxley
Cooper Charles Beckett
Brilynn Creola Cain
Jackson Christopher Cheely
Soren Lovell Davis
Andrew Patrick Donovan
Dillon Michael Ellars
Kaylee Grace Estes
Carson David Fairbanks
Cohen Fincham
Reagan Elizabeth Lisle Fisher
Jordan Stephen Harmon
Brady Cullen Harris
Roman James Hastings
Tessa Lynn Horn
Karleigh Grace Jamison
Lincoln Banner Johnson
Joseph Brooks Kamradt
Tatum Anne Kirby
Bryan Michael Kleiss
Tysen Mac McConaha
Nolan Mark Tempel Meharry
Dalton Robert Moose
Rhianna Olivia Ocasio
Larissa Marie Parr
Kandace Lachelle Reed
Caleb Arthur Saxon
Carter Charles Schmid
Ava Sommer
Kole David VanSickle
Gavin James Warren
Sawyer Allen Franks Weller
John William White
Austin James Wiersema
Olivia Ann Williams
Olivia Ruth Witheft
Cole Thomas Zorns

Honor Roll

Joseph William Willard Baird
Beckam Krystopher-Wayde Brown
Sadie Jo Carpenter
Madison Grace Castor
Skyler Andrew Chilton
Garrisan Martin Cler
Devlin Davis
Shamya Merari Davis
Kinzey Nicole Duitsman
Zoe Margaret Fish
Shae Lin Fournier
Mackinzee Brooke Gumm
Nathaniel Howard Hammer
Hallie Lynn Handal
Adien Hanes
Brooke Raelynn Henson
Joel Ryan Hoewing
Khison Able Kern
Kane William Knudsen
Jax Hunter Logsdon
Clint Michael McCormick
Lilly Jean-Elizabeth Moore
Payten Renee Niles
Clayton Wyatt Pruitt
Journee Lynn Ring
Lillian Yvonne Ring
James Rohn
Riley May Schendel
Caleb Joshua Siegwald
Ian James Skibbe
Bradley Scott Smith Jr
Bodie Springer
Kelsie Sue Lynn Tritchler
Lylliana G Trujillo
Wyatt R VanDyke
Taydyn Kawvin Dewayne Wilson
Reece Earl Winfrey
Makaylah Winland

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