24 area runners compete at Siberian Express

OAKWOOD - It was 33.8ยบ when the starter's gun signaled the start of the 36th installment of the Siberian Express trail race at Kickapoo Park on Saturday. Running across lightly snow-covered ground and through muddy ruts, 146 runners finished this 7.45 mile race.

The Sentinel's top area finisher was St. Joseph's Justin Jones. Finishing first in the 30-39 year-old division, he was the third runner out of the field to cross the finish line, turning in a sub-hour time of 51 minutes.

Justin Jones, right, and Jolee Paden, on the left, pose for a photo after receiving their awards at the 2009 St. Joseph Community Festival 5k, the name of the race before becoming the SJO 5K. Jones was the third runner to cross the finish line at Saturday's Siberian Express.

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The top womens' competitor was Sarka Petrickova, from Urbana, who took first in the Womens 30 - 39 group and 29th overall. She completed the course 1 hour, six minutes, and 45 seconds.

Other area runners included Jared Chenoweth, finishing third in the Mens 40 - 49 group and 13th overall. Luke Morrison crossed the line second in the Mens 20 - 29 group and 25th overall. Scott Tess finished seventh in the Mens 40 - 49 group and 32th overall. Chenoweth finish the race at 1:01:52, Morrison at 1:05:41, and Tess clocked in 1:07:57.

Four runners from The Sentinel area competed in the Womens 30 - 39 age group. Nicole Olson finished in second place and was 35th overall. She crossed the finish line at 1:09:06. Urbana's Olga Makarova finished the course at 1:24:37, good for fifth place in the division and 70th overall. Ellen Vore, also from Urbana, finished eighth and 128th overall with a time of 1:52:23. Coming in ninth was Nikki Campbell at 1:55:57 for a 141th overall.

There were five area runners in the Womens 40 - 49 division. Kaura Owen, from Sadorus, finished 13th and 120th overall at 1:44:07. Shonda Barto finished 14th in the Womens 40 - 49 group and 134th overall. The Philo resident clocked in at 1:53:43.

Jennifer White, from Savoy, and Sidney's Brooke DiBello finished seventh and tenth, respectively. White finish the race at 1:11:19, 46th overall. DiBello was 59th overall after crossing the line at 1 hour, 19 minutes and 09 seconds. Urbana's Anne Sickles completed the run 1:33:47. She finished 101th overall and 12th.

Brian Barto, from Philo, ran the course under two hours, finishing at 1:53:46. He was 17th in the Mens 40 - 49 group and 136th overall.

Mark Dixon led the 50-59 men to the finish line, running a 1:11:12 to finish sixth in the group. He was 45th overall. Following the Urbana resident over the line almost 20 minutes later, Steve Darling, from Oakwood, finished 16th in the division and 93th overall with a time of 1:31:41. Christopher Korose finished 97th overall at 1:32:11. He carved out a 17th place in the divison.

Savoy's Nancy Roth also braved the chilly running conditions, turning in a time under the two hour mark. She finished fifth in the Womens 60 & up division and 119th overall at 1:44:06.

Robert Ogden completed the course 1:19:38. The Sidney resident finished eighth in the Mens 40 - 49 group and 61st overall.

Urbana's Brenda Straka finished first in the Womens 20 - 29 group and 73th overall. She stop the clock at 1:24:50.

Elizabeth Withers-Sickles ran the course in 1 hour, 24 minutes, and 54 seconds. She came in fourth in the Womens 19 & under and 74th overall.

Hugh Bowman rounded the list of area runners. He finished 16th in the Mens 30 - 39 group and 71th overall at 1:24:38.

The Siberian Express is the first race each year in the Kennekuk Road Runners annual race series.

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