In Tolono, and still undefeated!
Rockets win Williamsville Holiday Tournament

Williamsville - Three-point shots from Andrew Thomas, Eric Miebach, and Jay Saunders in the first quarter gave Unity a six-point lead over Williamsville on Saturday at the Williamsville Holiday Tournament. Henry added two field goals in the frame to make the score 13-7 going into the second quarter.

Unity's Andrew Thomas brings the ball down the court in last year's home game against Paxton-Buckley-Loda. Thomas and the Rockets won this year's Williamsville Holiday Tournament and play in the Christie Clinic Shootout on Saturday in St. Joseph. The Rocket basketball program is enjoying it best start in decades at 13-0.

The Rockets kept the six-point or better margin for two more quarters on the way to a 48-45, winning this year’s title, remaining one of the few Class 2A teams in the state with an unblemished record now 13-0.

Miebach and Henry Thomas finished with 11 points each. Dalton O’Neill scored six-for-six at the free-throw line, adding ten to the team’s scoring.

Unity has remained undefeated thanks to the depth of its roster. Six other players also contributed to the title win.

Andrew Thomas added a fourth-quarter free throw to his first-quarter trey, finishing with four points. Saunders and Eisenmenger chipped in three points each, with two points apiece from Tre Hoggard, Dane Langendorf, and sophomore Brayden Henry.

Brayden Scott led the Bullets’ scoring effort with 15 points. Brayden Saling scored one less to finish with 14 points and Carson Kohler had ten points. Brecken Thomas rounded out the team’s scoring with two treys, one in the first and fourth quarters, for six points. Williamsville’s record drops to a still impressive 11 wins against 2 losses.

Unity returns to action this weekend hosting Maroa-Forsyth on Friday at home for Alumni Night. The Trojans are 8-4, including a 55-34 win over St. Teresa (7-7) and posted a 52-42 victory over Monticello on December 9.

Less than 24 hours later, the Rockets travel to St. Joseph to face Quincy Notre Dame (8-6) in the annual Christie Clinic Shootout. The Raiders finished third in the consolation bracket on Friday beating Rockford Lutheran 78-56. Tip-off is scheduled for 5 pm on Saturday.

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