Unity Junior High School second-quarter High Honor Roll

Unity Junior High School announced the names of students who achieved high honor roll status during the second quarter. Congratulations to all the students who earned the requisite grade point to qualify for recognition during this period.

6th Grade High Honor Roll

Maylie Rose Bates
Rya Jolee Bialeschki
Nora Kristina Blanchard
Lydia Grace Crowe
Kylee Paulette Cunningham
Elizabeth Irene Davidson
Bronson Edwin Davis
Savannah Jo Drewes
Quentin Xavier Dykeman
Beau Richard Eisenmenger
Tinsley Layne Elliott
Alarik Byrum Ellison
Cooper Alexander Fairbanks
Nadia Grace Fairbanks
Hayden Marie Gabbard
Lena Anne Guild Borchers
Natalie May Gumbel-Paeth
Jessica Marie Hamilton
Harper Quinn Harris
Mason James Holladay
Gabriel Heinrich Jahnel
Allie Rose Kamradt
Molly Kathryn Lydia Kleiss
John Isaac "Isaac" Leaman
Adelyn Jolene Maxwell
Finn Alexander Merkle
Ashley Ann Mumm
Raelyn Marie Prosser
Jordan William Pruitt
Avery Elizabeth Remole
Riker Alan Rogers
Camdon Levi Schmid
Nora Julianna Shields
Drake Alan Siuts
Cashtyn Ryder Sutherland
Owen Robert Vasey
William Ross Wetherell
Alexis LeAnn Wolken
Alivia RaeLyn Wolken
Brendan Kurtis Zerrusen

7th Grade High Honor Roll

Kelsey Marie Adcock
Kenny Wayne Adcock
Lilly Annabelle Bailes
Brooklyn Blair Bates
Ethan Earl Bent
Katherine Elaine Berkey
Konnor Lewis Bletscher
Kale Boden Cowan
Trevor Daniel Coy
Alec Joseph Daly
McKenzie Lynn Deakin
Emma Nicole Denney
Steven Gambill
Amelia Marie Good
Hayden Bradley Grussing
Kynedy Ashlynn Hoel
Samuel Bentley Hollett
Alivia Krall
Adeline Marie Marinelli
Lilly Madelyn Meharry
Tatum Faith Meharry
Jacklynn Kay Alexandra Moore
Kelvin Justus Moose
Holden William ONeill
Marley Rae Parks
Carolina Maria Pagaduan Popovics
Luc Sandor Marcelo Popovics
Maxwell Douglas Powers
Marina Ray Price
Maya Alexis Rawdin
Bella Rose Robbins
Madelyn Olivia Roth-Robertson
Skylar Grace Savona
Sophia Isabella Schuckman
Austin David Shafer
Vivian Rosalie Shunk
Hayden Dale Smith
Dylan Robert Stierwalt
Olivia Jane Styan
Jack Christopher Terven
Deklyn James Thomas
Nicholas James Thomas
Hayley Olivia Thompson
Charles Reider Watson
Quentin Stephen Webber
Hallee Ann Weber Patterson
Bryson Matthew Williams
Lucas Neal Williams
Olivia Lynn Wilson
Ethan Matthew Wishall
Ashton Jace Wolf
Adam Scott Wolken

8th Grade High Honor Roll

Joseph William Willard Baird
Patrick Benjamin Baxley
Jackson Christopher Cheely
Soren Lovell Davis
Andrew Patrick Donovan
Dillon Michael Ellars
Kaylee Grace Estes
Carson David Fairbanks
Cohen Fincham
Reagan Elizabeth Lisle Fisher
Hallie Lynn Handal
Jordan Stephen Harmon
Roman James Hastings
Tessa Lynn Horn
Karleigh Grace Jamison
Lincoln Banner Johnson
Joseph Brooks Kamradt
Khison Able Kern
Tatum Anne Kirby
Nolan Mark Tempel Meharry
Dalton Robert Moose
Rhianna Olivia Ocasio
Lillian Yvonne Ring
Caleb Arthur Saxon
Carter Charles Schmid
Bodie Springer
Kole David VanSickle
Gavin James Warren
John William White
Austin James Wiersema
Olivia Ann Williams
Olivia Ruth Witheft

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